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Uses of Class

Uses of UnexpectedInputArraySizeException in AI.NeuralNetworks

Methods in AI.NeuralNetworks that throw UnexpectedInputArraySizeException
 void FeedForwardInputLayer.setInput(float[] inputActivation)
          sets the input values of the layer
 float BackErrorPropagation.trainNetwork(java.util.LinkedList trainingPatterns)
          Trains the network with the given patterns
 void BackErrorPropagation.adjustDeltaWeights(float[] input, float[] expectedOutput)
          Calculates the delta weights for this pattern and adds it to the acumlated deltas
 float DistributedBackErrorPropagation.trainNetwork(java.util.LinkedList trainingPatterns)
          Trains the network with the given patterns
 float[] FeedForwardNetwork.runVector(float[] inputVector)
          Runs the network with the inputVector and returns the outputVector
 float NeuralNetworkTeacher.trainNetwork(java.util.LinkedList patterns)
          Trains the network with the given patterns