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Uses of Class

Uses of Address in Freenet

Fields in Freenet declared as Address
 Address StandardHandshakeHandler.Waiter.addr
 Address SendFailedException.peer
 Address MessageMemory.origRec
          The address that the original message was received from
 Address Message.source
          The Address of the node where this message originated
 Address Message.receivedAt
          Address of this node on the network that this message came from
 Address ConnectFailedException.peer

Methods in Freenet that return Address
 Address tcpConnection.getMyAddress(ListeningAddress lstaddr)
 Address tcpConnection.getMyAddress()
 Address tcpConnection.getPeerAddress(ListeningAddress lstaddr)
 Address tcpConnection.getPeerAddress()
 Address ConnectionHandler.peer()
 Address ConnectionHandler.peer(ListeningAddress laddr)
 Address ConnectionHandler.local()
 Address ConnectionHandler.local(ListeningAddress laddr)
abstract  Address Connection.getMyAddress(ListeningAddress lstaddr)
abstract  Address Connection.getMyAddress()
abstract  Address Connection.getPeerAddress(ListeningAddress lstaddr)
abstract  Address Connection.getPeerAddress()

Methods in Freenet with parameters of type Address
 boolean StandardHandshakeHandler.getHandshake(Core n, Address addr)
 void Message.initSources(Address me, Address peer, ConnectionHandler ch)
          Called by the connection handler after right constructing the message, while still in touch with the connection
 void Message.sending(Core n, Address peer, Address myAddress)
          Called just before the message is sent, and makes any last minute changes.
 boolean HandshakeHandler.getHandshake(Core n, Address addr)
 ConnectionHandler Core.makeConnection(Address peer)
          Makes a connection from this Node to another
 ConnectionHandler Core.connect(Address peer)
          This is the raw connection maker, it will not handshake or check the status of the connection in any way.
 void Core.sendMessage(Message m, Address destination)
          Send the message using the appropriate protocol
 void Core.sendMessage(Message m, Address destination, datatunnel)
          Send the message using the appropriate protocol streaming the actual data through the SplitOutputStream tunnel
 void Core.sendMessage(Message m, Address destination, datatunnel, count)
          Send the message using the appropriate protocol, streaming the actual data through the SplitOutputStream tunnel, and counting the bytes sent with ByteCounter.
static Connection ConnectionFactory.connect(Address address)

Constructors in Freenet with parameters of type Address
StandardHandshakeHandler.Waiter(Address addr)
SendFailedException(Address addr)
MessageMemory(Address addr, long dpth)
MessageMemory(Address origRec, long depth, ConnectionHandler replyCon)
ConnectFailedException(Address peer)