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JLex: Javadoc index of package JLex.

Package Samples:



Main: Class: Main Description: Top-level lexical analyzer generator function.
SparseBitSet: A set of bits. The set automatically grows as more bits are needed.
CSimplifyNfa: Extract character classes from NFA and simplify.
CInput: Class: CInput Description:
CAcceptAnchor: Class: CAcceptAnchor
CMinimize: Class: CMinimize
CMakeNfa: Class: CMakeNfa
CNfa2Dfa: Class: CNfa2Dfa
CNfaPair: Class: CNfaPair
CDTrans: Class: CDTrans
CAccept: Class: CAccept
CUtility: Class: Utility
CLexGen: Class: CLexGen
CBunch: Class: CBunch
CAlloc: Class: CAlloc
CError: Class: CError
CSpec: Class: CSpec
CEmit: Class: CEmit
CDfa: Class: CDfa
CSet: Class: CSet
CNfa: Class: CNfa

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