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ActivityLibrary - class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary.
It's a tuprolog library used by prolog agent spawned as PrologActivity from ReSpecT source.
ActivityLibrary() - Constructor for class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
ActivitySpawner - class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner.
Base class for the activity (Java and Prolog) spawner of ReSpecT.
ActivitySpawner(String, LogicTuple, LogicTuple) - Constructor for class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner
AgentId - class alice.respect.AgentId.
agent identifier for logic tuple centres, described in term of string name.
AgentId() - Constructor for class alice.respect.AgentId
AgentId(String) - Constructor for class alice.respect.AgentId
constructs the id providing a string name
activitiesToSpawn - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
activitiesToSpawn_singleReaction - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
add(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
add(TriggeredReaction) - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
add(Tuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
addActivityToSpawn(ActivitySpawner) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
addActivity_outTC(LogicTuple, LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
alice.respect - package alice.respect
args - Variable in class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner
args - Variable in class alice.respect.OutTCActivity


beginTransaction() - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
beginTransaction() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl


CURRENT_AGENT - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
CURRENT_OP - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
CURRENT_TUPLE - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
checkReactionSpec(LogicTuple) - Static method in class alice.respect.Reactor
coord - Variable in class alice.respect.Library
core - Variable in class alice.respect.PrologActivity
core - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
core - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
core - Variable in class alice.respect.UserLocal
tuple centre to access
currentEvent - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
current_agent_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
current_op_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
current_tc_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
current_time_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
current_tuple_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library


EventSetImpl - class alice.respect.EventSetImpl.
Naive implementation of the EventSet interface, defining the behaviour of the component managin vm events storage.
EventSetImpl() - Constructor for class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
empty() - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
empty() - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
empty() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
endTransaction(boolean) - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
endTransaction(boolean) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
evReceived - Variable in class alice.respect.UserLocal
event notified by the tuple centre
evalReaction(TriggeredReaction) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
reaction exectution is realized solving the goal represented by reaction body
events - Variable in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl


FAILURE - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
failure_0(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library


get() - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
get() - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
getFirstMatching(TupleSet) - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
getId() - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
getIterator() - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
getIterator() - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
getIterator() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
getMatchingTuple(TupleTemplate) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
getName() - Method in class alice.respect.AgentId
getName() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentreId
gets the tuple centre name
getOutTCactivityClassFile() - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
getReactionSpec() - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
getSpec() - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
getSpec() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
getSpec() - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
getTerm(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
getTriggeredReactions(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
the triggered reactions are collected the tuProlog engine, finding all the solutions of the requested goal
get_spec_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
goal - Variable in class alice.respect.PrologActivity


hasMatchingTuple(TupleTemplate) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl


IN_R - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
id - Variable in class alice.respect.UserLocal
user id
in(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
in(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
in(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
in_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
in_r_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
init(Reactor, TupleCentreVM) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
inp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
inp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
inp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
inp_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
isEmpty() - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
isEmpty() - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
isEmpty() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl


JavaActivity - class alice.respect.JavaActivity.
Defines the java agent spawnable from ReSpecT code.
JavaActivity() - Constructor for class alice.respect.JavaActivity
JavaSpawner - class alice.respect.JavaSpawner.
Defines the spawner of Java activities from ReSpecT sources.
JavaSpawner(String, LogicTuple, LogicTuple) - Constructor for class alice.respect.JavaSpawner


Library - class alice.respect.Library.
this tuProlog library defines the behaviour of ReSpecT primitives, used inside ReSpecT sources.
Library() - Constructor for class alice.respect.Library
LogicReaction - class alice.respect.LogicReaction.
Defines the reaction type managed by ReSpect Reactor (logic reactions).
LogicReaction() - Constructor for class alice.respect.LogicReaction
LogicReaction(Term) - Constructor for class alice.respect.LogicReaction


NO_R - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
name - Variable in class alice.respect.AgentId
name - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleCentreId
no_r_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
notify(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal


OUT_R - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
OUT_TC - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
OutTCActivity - class alice.respect.OutTCActivity.
Base class defining Activity spawnable from ReSpecT code.
OutTCActivity() - Constructor for class alice.respect.OutTCActivity
OutTCSpawner - class alice.respect.OutTCSpawner.
Defines the OutTC activity spawnable from ReSpecT code.
OutTCSpawner(String, LogicTuple, LogicTuple) - Constructor for class alice.respect.OutTCSpawner
onNewVMStableState() - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
out(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
out(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
out(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
outTCactivityClassFile - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
out_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
out_r_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
out_tc_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library


POST - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
PRE - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
PrologActivity - class alice.respect.PrologActivity.
Defines the prolog agent spawnable from ReSpecT code.
PrologActivity(AgentId, TupleCentreVMImpl, String, LogicTuple) - Constructor for class alice.respect.PrologActivity
PrologSpawner - class alice.respect.PrologSpawner.
Defines the spawner of prolog activities from ReSpecT code.
PrologSpawner(String, LogicTuple, LogicTuple) - Constructor for class alice.respect.PrologSpawner
post_0(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
pre_0(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library


RD_R - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
Reactor - class alice.respect.Reactor.
this class defines the ReSpecT tuple centre reactor component.
Reactor(TupleCentreVM) - Constructor for class alice.respect.Reactor
rand - Variable in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
rand - Variable in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
rand - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
rd(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
rd(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
rd(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
rd_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
rd_r_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
rdp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
rdp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
rdp(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
rdp_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
reactionSpec - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
readMatchingTuple(TupleTemplate) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
removeEventsOf(AgentId) - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
reset() - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
resolveUser() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
run() - Method in class alice.respect.PrologActivity


SPAWN - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
SUCCESS - Static variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
setArgument(Object) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentreVM
setArguments(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
setArguments(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.OutTCActivity
setOutTCactivityClassFile(String) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
setReactionSpec(Tuple) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
setSpec(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
setSpec(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentre
setSpec(LogicTuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
set_spec_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
setupTupleCentreUser(AgentId, TupleCentreVMImpl) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
setupTupleCentreUser(AgentId, TupleCentreVMImpl) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
size() - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
size() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
sourceFileName - Variable in class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner
spawn(Reactor) - Method in class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner
spawn(Reactor) - Method in class alice.respect.JavaSpawner
spawn(Reactor) - Method in class alice.respect.OutTCSpawner
spawn(Reactor) - Method in class alice.respect.PrologSpawner
spawn_1(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
spy(String) - Method in class alice.respect.Library
spy(String) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
spy(String) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
sub(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.EventSetImpl
sub(TriggeredReaction) - Method in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
sub(Tuple) - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
success_0(Struct) - Method in class alice.respect.Library


TRSetImpl - class alice.respect.TRSetImpl.
Naive implementation of the TRSet interface, defining the behaviour of the component that manages triggered reactions.
TRSetImpl() - Constructor for class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
TupleCentre - class alice.respect.TupleCentre.
Standalone running tuple centre vm
TupleCentre() - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentre
TupleCentre(TupleCentreId) - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentre
TupleCentreId - class alice.respect.TupleCentreId.
tuple centre identifier for logic tuple centres, described in term of a name (string)
TupleCentreId() - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentreId
constructs a default tuple centre id: default@localost
TupleCentreId(String) - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentreId
constructs a generic tuple centre id, specifying name and address
TupleCentreVM - class alice.respect.TupleCentreVM.
Defines a Respect LogicTuple Centre VM.
TupleCentreVM() - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentreVM
TupleCentreVM(TupleCentreId) - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleCentreVM
TupleSetImpl - class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl.
Naive implementation of the TupleSet interface, defining the behaviour of the component managin tuple storage.
TupleSetImpl() - Constructor for class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
tAdded - Variable in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
tAdded - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
tRemoved - Variable in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
tRemoved - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
term - Variable in class alice.respect.LogicReaction
toArray() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
toString() - Method in class alice.respect.AgentId
toString() - Method in class alice.respect.LogicReaction
toString() - Method in class alice.respect.TupleCentreId
transaction - Variable in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
transaction - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl
trigCore - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor
triggerReaction(Event) - Method in class alice.respect.Reactor
trigs - Variable in class alice.respect.TRSetImpl
tuple - Variable in class alice.respect.ActivitySpawner
tuples - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleSetImpl


UserLocal - class alice.respect.UserLocal.
this is the basic class for developing tuple media local user in this case the user is local to the daemon (which is unique inside a java VM) this class serves as both acceptor and connector; it is used to access only one tuple centre
UserLocal(AgentId, TupleCentreVMImpl) - Constructor for class alice.respect.UserLocal
unbind_term(Term) - Method in class alice.respect.LogicReaction
unify(TupleTemplate, Tuple) - Method in class alice.respect.UserLocal
user - Variable in class alice.respect.ActivityLibrary
user - Variable in class alice.respect.JavaActivity
users - Variable in class alice.respect.TupleCentre


vm - Variable in class alice.respect.Library
vm - Variable in class alice.respect.Reactor


writeObject(ObjectOutputStream) - Method in class alice.respect.LogicReaction
serialization: in order to avoid the serialization of builtin libraries linked to term -> unbind