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address - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
agent - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent.ProcessInput
agent - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
alice.tucson.ide - package alice.tucson.ide
appendText(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer


bCheck - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bCheckActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bLoad - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bLoadActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bOk - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bOkActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bSave - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bSaveActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bSaveAs - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bSaveAsActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
bSetTupleSet - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
boot() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent
buttonAcceptFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonAcceptFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonAcceptFilterLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonAcceptFilterLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonAcceptPattern - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonAcceptPattern - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonAcceptPatternActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonAcceptPatternActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonBrowse - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonBrowse - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
buttonBrowse - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonBrowseActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonBrowseActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
buttonBrowseActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonGet - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonGet - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonGetActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
buttonGetActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
buttonInspect - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
buttonInspectActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
buttonNextStep - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
buttonNextStepActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent


CUIAgent - class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent.
CUIAgent(String[]) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent
Control - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
caretPosition - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
changeLogQueryFile(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
changeLogReactionFile(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
changeLogTupleFile(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
checkFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkFilterLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkFilterLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkFilterView - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkFilterView - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkFilterViewActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkFilterViewActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkLogEnable - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkLogEnable - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
checkLogEnable - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkLogEnableActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
checkLogEnableActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
checkLogEnableActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
checkStepExecution - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
checkStepExecutionActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
cpp - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker


doKeyword(Segment, int, char) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker


EditSpec - class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec.
EditSpec(TupleCentreId) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
Creates new form GUIEditTheory
EventViewer - class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer.
EventViewer(InspectorAgent) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
Creates new form TupleForm
exit - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
Exit the Application
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
Exit the Application
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
Exit the Application
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
Exit the Application
exitForm(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer


form - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
formWindowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec


GUIAgent - class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent.
GUIAgent(String[]) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
Creates new form GUIUser
GUIAgent.ProcessInput - class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent.ProcessInput.
GUIAgent.ProcessInput(GUIAgent) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent.ProcessInput
getKeywords() - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
getQueryForm() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
getReactionForm() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
getSyntaxStyles() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTextArea
getTupleForm() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
goalRequest() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent


InspectorAgent - class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent.
InspectorAgent(String[]) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
Creates new form Inspector
InspectorCore - class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore.
InspectorCore(InspectorAgent, AgentId, TupleCentreId) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
InspectorSpawner - class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner.
InspectorSpawner() - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
Creates new form InspectorSpawner
iCurrentPos - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
initComponents() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
This method is called from within the constructor to initialize the form.
input - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
inputActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
inputAddress - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
inputFileLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
inputFileLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
inputFileLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
inputFileLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
inputFileLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
inputFileLogActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
inputFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
inputFilterLog - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
inputFilterView - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
inputFilterView - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
inputFreqActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
inputName - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
inputSpec - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec


jButton1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jButton1ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jButton1ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton2ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton4ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton5ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton6 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton6ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton7 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jButton7ActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jLabel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jLabel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
jLabel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
jLabel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jLabel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jLabel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jLabel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jLabel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
jLabel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jLabel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jLabel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jLabel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jLabel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jLabel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jLabel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
jLabel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
jPanel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jPanel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
jPanel1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel10 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel10 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel11 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel11 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
jPanel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
jPanel2 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel3 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jPanel4 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
jPanel5 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel6 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel6 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jPanel6 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel7 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel7 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
jPanel7 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
jPanel7 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel8 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel8 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jPanel9 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jPanel9 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jScrollPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jScrollPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
jScrollPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
jScrollPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jSetTupleSetActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
jTabbedPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
jTabbedPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
jTabbedPane1 - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer


keywords - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker


labelAddress - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
labelName - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
lastKeyword - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
lastOffset - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
logQueryFilename - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logQueryWriter - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logReactionFilename - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logReactionWriter - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logTupleFilename - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logTupleFilter - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
logTupleWriter - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
loggingQueries - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
loggingReactions - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
loggingTuples - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore


main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent
main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.Ping
main(String[]) - Static method in class alice.tucson.ide.SetSpec
mainForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
mainForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
mainForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
markTokensImpl(byte, Segment, int) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker


node_name - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.Ping
node_time - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.Ping


onEventViewerExit() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
onReactionViewerExit() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
onTupleViewerExit() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
onVMEvent(InspectorMsg) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorCore
onWindowsClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
output - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
outputArea - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
outputArea - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
outputNoItems - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
outputNoItems - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
outputState - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
outputState - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
outputState - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
outputStatus - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorSpawner
outputTime - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
outputTime - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
outputVmTime - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
outputVmTime - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer


Ping - class alice.tucson.ide.Ping.
Ping() - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.Ping
Creates new Ping
pendingQueryForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
protocol - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent


ReactionViewer - class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer.
ReactionViewer(InspectorAgent) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.ReactionViewer
Creates new form TupleForm
RespectTextArea - class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTextArea.
RespectTextArea() - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTextArea
RespectTokenMarker - class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker.
RespectTokenMarker() - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
RespectTokenMarker(boolean, KeywordMap) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
radioProactive - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
radioProactive - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
radioProactiveActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
radioProactiveActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
radioReactive - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
radioReactive - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
radioReactiveActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
radioReactiveActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
reactionForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
readTuple(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
removeSpaces(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent
removeSpaces(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent
respectKeywords - Static variable in class alice.tucson.ide.RespectTokenMarker
run() - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent.ProcessInput


SetSpec - class alice.tucson.ide.SetSpec.
SetSpec() - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.SetSpec
setLocalTime(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
setLocalTime(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
setNItems(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
setNItems(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
setText(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
setText(String) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
setVMTime(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.EventViewer
setVMTime(long) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
specFileName - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
specForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
stdin - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent


TupleViewer - class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer.
TupleViewer(InspectorAgent) - Constructor for class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
Creates new form TupleForm
test(String, int) - Method in class alice.tucson.ide.Ping
tid - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.EditSpec
tid - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent
tupleArea - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.TupleViewer
tupleForm - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.InspectorAgent


user - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.CUIAgent
user - Variable in class alice.tucson.ide.GUIAgent