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Package alice.tucson

Interface Summary
TucsonInterface Defines the basic TuCSoN Interface

Class Summary
Agent Defines a very naive TuCSoN agent base class, as a Runnable object with the ability to access TuCSoN infrastructure
AgentId Defines the identifier of an agent interacting with the TuCSoN infrastructure It's a naive extension of the identifier defined for ReSpecT agents.
Automaton Defines a more involved type of TuCSoN agent (compared to Agent one).
OutTCActivity Defines the TuCSoN version of the OutTc Activity defined for ReSpecT tuple centres.
TupleCentreId Defines the Tuple Centre identifier for TuCSoN logic tuple centres.
User Defines the basic TuCSoN user, capable of accessing the TuCSoN infrastructure It uses a generic tuplemedium TCP/IP user, providing a suitable interface tuned on TuCSoN specificity

Exception Summary
NoTucsonNodeException This exception indicates that an invalid TuCSoN node (IP address) has been specified, probably as part of a tuple centre identifier
TucsonIOException This exception indicates that a generic I/O failure has happened, accessing the TuCSoN infrastructure