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alice.tucson: Javadoc index of package alice.tucson.

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Automaton: Defines a more involved type of TuCSoN agent (compared to Agent one). The agent is structured as a finite state automaton. The behaviour of its states is defined writing public methods; the become method is used to go make a transition from state to state, which in this case means from method to method. It's based on continuation-passing style of arranging computation. TuCSoN automata are spawned using Threads: new Thread(new MyAutomaton()).start the first state (method) executed is always "boot" state (method). to stop shutdown the automaton the state "end" is provided: become("end")
TupleCentreId: Defines the Tuple Centre identifier for TuCSoN logic tuple centres. They are described in term of a name (string) and address (string). The address is a valid IP address with optionally the port specified using ':':,
Node: Defines the TuCSoN node enabling the infrastructure on a host, accessible through TuCSoN user, behaving like classic a daemon. It provides also static main service to be used directly as application installing TuCSoN infrastructure
NodeKeeper: This application installs and keeps installed a TuCSoN node It observes the TuCSoN infrastructure and in the case of infrastructure shutdown (because of failure), it restores the infrastructure
User: Defines the basic TuCSoN user, capable of accessing the TuCSoN infrastructure It uses a generic tuplemedium TCP/IP user, providing a suitable interface tuned on TuCSoN specificity
AgentId: Defines the identifier of an agent interacting with the TuCSoN infrastructure It's a naive extension of the identifier defined for ReSpecT agents.
NoTucsonNodeException: This exception indicates that an invalid TuCSoN node (IP address) has been specified, probably as part of a tuple centre identifier
Agent: Defines a very naive TuCSoN agent base class, as a Runnable object with the ability to access TuCSoN infrastructure
TucsonIOException: This exception indicates that a generic I/O failure has happened, accessing the TuCSoN infrastructure
OutTCActivity: Defines the TuCSoN version of the OutTc Activity defined for ReSpecT tuple centres.
TucsonInterface: Defines the basic TuCSoN Interface

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