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Uses of Class

Uses of Var in alice.tuprolog

Fields in alice.tuprolog declared as Var
static Var Var.ANY
(package private)  Var[] Substitution.vars
private  Var[] SolveResultInfo.bindings
          goal variable state after demonstration

Methods in alice.tuprolog that return Var
private  Var Var.findIn(alice.util.LinkedList vl)
          finds a var Term of the list with the same time of current Term.
 Var Var.findFromNameIn(alice.util.LinkedList vl)
          finds a var Term of the list with the same Name of current Term.
 Var[] Substitution.toVarArray()
private  Var Parser.findIn(java.lang.String name, alice.util.LinkedList l)
          finds a var already present in a list

Constructors in alice.tuprolog with parameters of type Var
Substitution(Var[] v)