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Package alice.tuprolog

Interface Summary
SolveInfo interface of objects returned by engine when invoking a demonstration

Class Summary
Agent prolog virtual machine on a separate thread
ClauseInfo class mantaining information about a clause creation ( Clause copy, final time T after renaming, validity flag Flag).
CoreLibrary built-in predicates always loaded by prolog virtual machine.
DefaultOperatorManager an operator manager with some standard operators defined
GoalInfo runtime info about goal to demonstrate
Library this abstract class is the base class for developing tuProlog built-in libraries, which can be dynamically loaded by prolog objects.
NullTerm prolog Null Term, used only for implementation purpose currently used only as terminator in Struct representing prolog list TO BE REMOVED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE bacause of not significant
Operator prolog operator info: name, type, priority
OperatorManager collects and manages prolog operators
OutputEvent output event (after a write operation, for instance) generated by prolog core
Parser prolog terms and sentences parser
Prolog It's the main class of the tuProlog system.
PrologVM the tuprolog virtual machine.
RTContext runtime execution context during a demonstration.
SolveResultInfo implemntation of SolveInfo interface.
SpyEvent internal core event
StateEvent core state event
Struct Struct class represents both compound prolog term and alphanumeric atom term (considered as 0-arity compound).
StructIterator iterator for Structs representing lists
Substitution helper class that represents substituion found in a goal demonstrartion
Term root class for prolog data term.
Theory Represents prolog theory which can be provided to prolog object.
TheoryManager dbase clauses manager.
Token represents a token read by the prolog term tokenizer
Tokenizer tokenizer for prolog terms
Var prolog variable implementation.

Exception Summary