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CharacterName     code | html
GenerateCharacter   This program generates the source code for the class java.lang.Character.  code | html
PrintCharacterRanges   Recovers and prints ranges for certain java.lang.Character properties.  code | html
PrintCharacterRanges.BooleanRange     code | html
PrintCharacterRanges.ShiftRange     code | html
PropList   A PropList object contains the lists of code points that have the same Unicode property defined in PropList.txt  code | html
SpecialCaseMap   SpecialCaseMap has the responsibility of storing the 1:M, locale-sensitive, and context sensitive case mappings that occur when uppercasing Unicode 4.0 characters.  code | html
UnicodeSpec   The UnicodeSpec class provides a way to read in Unicode character properties from a Unicode data file.  code | html
Utility     code | html