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Abstract Classes:

BackEnd   BackEnd is an abstract base class for a back-end of compiling Olson's zoneinfo database and generating Java zoneinfo database.  code | html


DayOfWeek   Day of week enum.  code | html
Month   Month enum handles month related manipulation.  code | html
Checksum   Checksum provides methods for calculating a CRC32 value for a transitions table.  code | html
Gen   Gen is one of back-end classes of javazic, and generates ZoneInfoMappings and zone-specific file for each zone.  code | html
GenDoc   GenDoc is one of back-end classes of javazic, and generates index.html and other html files which prints the detailed time zone information for each zone.  code | html
GenDoc.LatitudeAndLongitude     code | html
Main   Main class for the javazic time zone data compiler.  code | html
Mappings   Mappings generates two Maps and a List which are used by javazic BackEnd.  code | html
Rule   Rule manipulates Rule records.  code | html
RuleDay   RuleDay class represents the value of the "ON" field.  code | html
RuleRec   RuleRec class represents one record of the Rule set.  code | html
Simple   Simple generates TimeZoneData, which had been used as internal data of TimeZone before J2SDK1.3.  code | html
Time   Time class represents the "AT" field and other time related information.  code | html
Timezone   Timezone represents all information of a single point of time to generate its time zone database.  code | html
Zone   Zone holds information corresponding to a "Zone" part of a time zone definition file.  code | html
ZoneRec   ZoneRec hold information of time zone corresponding to each text line of the "Zone" part.  code | html
Zoneinfo   Zoneinfo provides javazic compiler front-end functionality.  code | html