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coltginy: Javadoc index of package coltginy.

Package Samples:



ColtRootGraph: GINY Architecture A graph model consisting of nodes and the edges between them. GINY graph models are separated into RootGraphs and GraphPerspectives. RootGraphs contain all Nodes and Edges in a graph, while GraphPerspectives contain some subset of them (any given GraphPerspective may include all Nodes and Edges from its RootGraph, but it does not need to). Every GraphPerspective has exactly one RootGraph. RootGraphs may have any number of GraphPerspectives. Indices Every Node and Edge has a unique and unchanging index in its RootGraph; these indices are always negative integers and are not guaranteed ...
ColtGraphViewModel: This ColtGraphViewModel is designed to be a "headless" GraphView. While it implements GraphView all methods that actaully deal with viewable things are abstract. This class would be used when you would want to compute a layout but not ever put anything on the screen
IntLinkedList: A singly-linked list consisting of int values.

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