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Package com.RuntimeCollective.bboard.bean

The BBoard module offers Bulletin Board (aka Message Board), Blog and Faq functionality.


Interface Summary
Blog A Blog.
Board An interface that defines a bulletin board.
Faq A list of FAQs.
Help A help page.
Message An interface defining a bulletin board message.
Topic An interface defining a topic within a bulletin board.

Class Summary
AttachmentMessage A message that includes a reference to an optional attachment File.
BoardLink The BoardLink class implements the abstract Link class, by linking to a Board.
PermissibleBoard A special BBoard on which users must have special permissions to be able to read and/or write messages.
SimpleBlog A simple implementation of a Blog.
SimpleBoard The Board class is a Content with a list of Topics.
SimpleFaq A simple implementation of a Faq list, which uses the same DB tables as SimpleBoard/Topic/Message
SimpleHelp A simple implementation of a Help page.
SimpleMessage The SimpleMessage class is TextComponent attached to a Topic.
SimpleTopic The Topic class is TextComponent attached to a Board, and to which are assigned many Messages.

Package com.RuntimeCollective.bboard.bean Description

The BBoard module offers Bulletin Board (aka Message Board), Blog and Faq functionality.

1. bboard.bean.Blog and bboard.bean.Faq

The purpose of these interfaces is quite obvious. They have basic bboard.bean.SimpleBlog and bboard.bean.SimpleFaq implementations.

2. Using bboard.bean.BBoard

A BBoard is made of bboard.bean.Topics, which are made of bboard.bean.Messages. BBoard, Topic and Message are interfaces, all implemented by basic SimpleX classes. A more complex bboard.bean.PermissibleBoard allows you to restrict who can read and/or write Messages in a BBoard, using the Permission module.

The Forms and Actions to edit BBoards, Topics and Messages come in two flavours: a simpe one (used by the ASW2 website) and a more 'complex' one (used by the Sussex Enterprise website). 'complex' is not really an appropriate term - it's more a matter of editing lots of information in one go, rather than step by step.

BBoards can use plain text or HTML. To select which, set the htmlBBoards init-param to true or false. Setting this to false will also ban the use of HTML tags in Topics and Messages.

(Another useful init-param to set is the content.bean.TextComponent module's boolean convertLinks; if set to true, all TextComponents (which include Topics and Messages) will have links of the form http://... converted automatically into hyperlinks.)

Finally, bboard.bean.BoardLink is a content.bean.Link which can be used to point to a Board.