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com.ibatis.dao.client.template.* (7)

com.ibatis.dao.client: Javadoc index of package com.ibatis.dao.client.

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DaoManager: This interface describes the DaoManager interface. It provides access to all DAOs it manages and also allows transactions to be committed and ended (possibly rolled back). DAO instances returned from the DAO Manager are proxied such that transactions can be automatically started, committed and ended (or rolled back). This is a similar semantic to the JDBC autocommit, but much more powerful. Alternatively, tranasctions can be controlled programmatically, allowing you to demarcate wider scope transactions as needed. Either way, transactions will only be started for those contexts that require them. ...
Dao: The interface that identifies and describes Data Access Objects. No methods are declared by this interface. However, if you provide a constructor with a single parameter of type DaoManager, that constructor will be used to instantiate the Dao such and the managing DaoManager instance will be passed in as a parameter. The DaoManager instance will allow you to easily access transactions and other DAOs.
DaoTransaction: This interface marks a class as being a DaoTransaction. Some examples of DAO Transaction implementations would be JDBC, JTA, SQL Map and Hibernate. No methods are declared by this interface, but DAO templates are provided to simplify accessing implementation specific transaction artifacts such as JDBC connections etc.
JdbcDaoTemplate: A DaoTemplate for JDBC implementations that provides a convenient method to access the JDBC Connection. Use this template for both JDBC and JTA transaction managers. It can also be used for any transaction manager that supports normal JDBC connections, including iBATIS SQL Maps and Hibernate.
OjbBrokerDaoTemplate: A DaoTemplate for OJB broker implementations that provides a convenient method to access the broker. This is the base class for OJB DAOs and provides the CRUD pattern necessary methods plus an additional method to retrieve all instances of a given class.
SqlMapDaoTemplate: A DaoTemplate for SQL Map implementations that provides a convenient method to access the SqlMapExecutor. This class also provides SqlMapExecutor method wrappers that conveniently wrap SQLExceptions with DAO Exceptions.
DaoManagerBuilder: Builds a DaoManager given a Reader (dao.xml) and optionally a set of properties. The following is an example of a dao.xml file. The DAO Configuration file (dao.xml)
JtaDaoTemplate: DEPRECATED This is now exactly the same as the JdbcDaoTemplate, and therefore has beend deprecated. There is no behavioural difference between the two.
HibernateDaoTemplate: A DaoTemplate for Hibernate implementations that provides a convenient method to access the Hibernate Session.
ToplinkDaoTemplate: A DaoTemplate for Toplink implementations that provides a convenient method to access the Toplink Session.
DaoException: General runtime exception thrown by the DAO framework.
DaoTemplate: A base class for Dao implementations, or other DAO templates.

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