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protected static class: BaseParser.Variables [javadoc | source]
Variables the parser uses. This "struct" like class is necessary because anonymous inner classes do not have access to non-final member fields of the parent class. This way, we can make the Variables instance final, and use all of its public fields as variables for parsing state.
Field Summary
public  ErrorContext errorCtx     
public  Properties txProps     
public  Properties dsProps     
public  ErrorContext errorContext     
public  Properties properties     
public  XmlConverter sqlMapConv     
public  XmlConverter sqlMapConfigConv     
public  String currentResource     
public  String currentNamespace     
public  ExtendedSqlMapClient client     
public  SqlMapExecutorDelegate delegate     
public  TypeHandlerFactory typeHandlerFactory     
public  DataSource dataSource     
public  boolean useStatementNamespaces     
public  Properties currentProperties     
public  CacheModel currentCacheModel     
public  BasicResultMap currentResultMap     
public  BasicParameterMap currentParameterMap     
public  MappedStatement currentStatement     
public  List parameterMappingList     
public  List resultMappingList     
public  int resultMappingIndex     
public  Map sqlIncludes     
public  Discriminator discriminator     
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