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public class: BasicResultMap [javadoc | source]

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Basic implementation of ResultMap interface
Field Summary
protected  boolean allowRemapping     
 public BasicResultMap(SqlMapExecutorDelegate delegate) 
    Constructor to pass a SqlMapExecutorDelegate in
    delegate - - the SqlMapExecutorDelegate
Method from com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.mapping.result.BasicResultMap Summary:
addGroupByProperty,   addNestedResultMappings,   getDataExchange,   getDelegate,   getDiscriminator,   getId,   getNestedSelectMappingValue,   getPrimitiveResultMappingValue,   getResource,   getResultClass,   getResultCount,   getResultMappings,   getResults,   getUniqueKey,   getXmlName,   resolveSubMap,   setDataExchange,   setDiscriminator,   setId,   setNestedResultMappingValue,   setResource,   setResultClass,   setResultMappingList,   setResultObjectValues,   setXmlName
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Method from com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.mapping.result.BasicResultMap Detail:
 public  void addGroupByProperty(String name) 
 public  void addNestedResultMappings(ResultMapping mapping) 
 public DataExchange getDataExchange() 
    Getter for the DataExchange object to be used
 public SqlMapExecutorDelegate getDelegate() 
    Getter for the SqlMapExecutorDelegate
 public Discriminator getDiscriminator() 
 public String getId() 
 protected Object getNestedSelectMappingValue(RequestScope request,
    ResultSet rs,
    BasicResultMapping mapping,
    Class targetType) throws SQLException 
 protected Object getPrimitiveResultMappingValue(ResultSet rs,
    BasicResultMapping mapping) throws SQLException 
 public String getResource() 
    Getter for the resource (used to report errors)
 public Class getResultClass() 
 public int getResultCount() 
    Getter for the number of ResultMapping objects
 public ResultMapping[] getResultMappings() 
 public Object[] getResults(RequestScope request,
    ResultSet rs) throws SQLException 
 public Object getUniqueKey(Object[] values) 
 public String getXmlName() 
    Getter (used by DomDataExchange) for the xml name of the results
 public ResultMap resolveSubMap(RequestScope request,
    ResultSet rs) throws SQLException 
 public  void setDataExchange(DataExchange dataExchange) 
    Setter for the DataExchange object to be used
 public  void setDiscriminator(Discriminator discriminator) 
 public  void setId(String id) 
    Setter for the ID
 protected  void setNestedResultMappingValue(BasicResultMapping mapping,
    RequestScope request,
    Object resultObject,
    Object[] values) 
 public  void setResource(String resource) 
    Setter for the resource (used by the SqlMapBuilder)
 public  void setResultClass(Class resultClass) 
    Setter for the result class (what the results will be mapped into)
 public  void setResultMappingList(List resultMappingList) 
    Setter for a list of the individual ResultMapping objects
 public Object setResultObjectValues(RequestScope request,
    Object resultObject,
    Object[] values) 
 public  void setXmlName(String xmlName) 
    Setter (used by the SqlMapBuilder) for the xml name of the results