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public class: TypeHandlerFactory [javadoc | source]
Not much of a suprise, this is a factory class for TypeHandler objects.
 public TypeHandlerFactory() 
Method from com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.type.TypeHandlerFactory Summary:
getTypeHandler,   getTypeHandler,   getUnkownTypeHandler,   hasTypeHandler,   putTypeAlias,   register,   register,   resolveAlias
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Method from com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.type.TypeHandlerFactory Detail:
 public TypeHandler getTypeHandler(Class type) 
    Get a TypeHandler for a class
 public TypeHandler getTypeHandler(Class type,
    String jdbcType) 
    Get a TypeHandler for a class and a JDBC type
 public TypeHandler getUnkownTypeHandler() 
    When in doubt, get the "unknown" type handler
 public boolean hasTypeHandler(Class type) 
    Tells you if a particular class has a TypeHandler
 public  void putTypeAlias(String alias,
    String value) 
    Add an alias
 public  void register(Class type,
    TypeHandler handler) 
    Register (add) a type handler for a class
 public  void register(Class type,
    String jdbcType,
    TypeHandler handler) 
    Register (add) a type handler for a class and JDBC type
 public String resolveAlias(String string) 
    Lookup an aliased class and return it's REAL name