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RainLayout: RainLayout supports: both horizontal and vertical orientation, ordering of Components according to Comparator provided by Container. inverse order of components Components can be layed out in one row or in multiple rows row hiding: show only one row and hide all other rows and many other features Constraints: GROW (Component can grow), SHRINK (Component can shrink), FLEX (Component can shrink and grow) and FIXED (Component can't shrink or grow) Layout policies: LAYOUT_POLICY_COMPUTE - preferred size is computed LAYOUT_POLICY_ASK - width of target container used as preferred width (X_AXIS) or height ...
Handler: HTreeNode delegates work to Handler. Handler can populate and refresh HTreeNode's chiidren Such important things as isLeaf(), getAllowsChildren() and toString() also delegated to Handler. HandlerFactory is used to get proper Handler for HTreeNode content. Handler should register itself by HandlerFactory. To determine if particular Handler can handle supplied Object, HandlerFactory calls Handler's method canHandle(Object o). If HandlerFactory finds more then 1 Handler, then method isGeneric() used to determine which Handler should be used. For example for *.zip file FileHandler and FileZipHandler ...
JGuiTabbedPane: JGuiTabbedPane is a TabbedPane implementation. Features: tabs are real JToggleButtons sort and filter tabs change tab placement with drag and drop vertical buttons for left and right tabs placement auto mnemonics full keyboard navigation: ALT + RIGHT - select right tab ALT + LEFT - select left tab CTRL + ALT + LEFT - navigate previous tab CTRL + ALT + RIGHT - navigate next tab if autoMnemonics is true then ALT + selects appropriate tab otherwise it selects next tab which starts with char CTRL + ALT + F - define filter string CTRL + ALT + S - define sort string
JpegFilterInputStream: remove all App blocks from jpeg file how to use: //read data from file and save filtered data to another file File fs = new File("source.jpg"); File fd = new File("dest.jpg"); JpegFilterInputStream.filter(fs, fd); or //filter data in byte array byte [] source = ... byte [] dest = JpegFilterInputStream.filter(source); or //filter data from InputStream InputStream in; OutputStream out; JpegFilterInputStream.filter(in, out); or //just wrap InputStream JpegFilterInputStream jfis = new JpegFilterInputStream(in);
VTextIcon: VTextIcon is an Icon implementation which draws a short string vertically. It's useful for JTabbedPanes with LEFT or RIGHT tabs but can be used in any component which supports Icons, such as JLabel or JButton You can provide a hint to indicate whether to rotate the string to the left or right, or not at all, and it checks to make sure that the rotation is legal for the given string (for example, Chinese/Japanese/Korean scripts have special rules when drawn vertically and should never be rotated)
CompositeIcon: CompositeIcon is an Icon implementation which draws two icons with a specified relative position: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM specify how icon1 is drawn relative to icon2 CENTER: icon1 is drawn first, icon2 is drawn over it and with horizontal and vertical orientations within the alloted space It's useful with VTextIcon when you want an icon with your text: if icon1 is the graphic icon and icon2 is the VTextIcon, you get a similar effect to a JLabel with a graphic icon and text
MemoryAccessManager: MemoryAccessManager. Implements 5 possible strategies to free memory: - DROP_NEVER - Buffer(s) are never dropped - DROP_IMMEDIATELY - only 1 Buffer is held in memory - DROP_RANDOM - if buffer count exceeds maxBufferCount then randomly choosed Buffer is dropped - DROP_LRU - if buffer count exceeds maxBufferCount then Least Recently Used Buffer is dropped - DROP_FIFO - if buffer count exceeds maxBufferCount then Least Recently Added Buffer is dropped
ActionManager: simple manager for adding/removing ActionListeners and dispatch ActionEvents to listeners //create private key private Object key = new Object(); ActionManager manager = new ActionManager(key); //access ActionManager public ActionManager getActionManager() { return manager; } //adding listeners getActionManager().addActionListener(myActionListener); //fire actionPerformed manager.sendAction(key, myActionEvent);
InputPopup: With InputPopup it is possible to show popup with JTextField. When popup is closed ActionEvent is fired with content of JTextField as action command. If isCanceled() returns true then contents of action command should be ignored. Popup is closed if JTextField lose focus or user has pressed escape key - in both cases isCanceled() returns true, or if user pressed return key - in this case isCanceled() returns false.
BackgroundPainter: BackgroundPainter. Basic support for drawing on Component's background. Use with awt: override update(Graphics g); BackgroundPainter bp; public void update(Graphics g) { bp.paint(this, g); paint(g); } use with swing: setOpaque(false); protected void paintComponent(Graphics g) { backgroundPainter.paint(this, g); super.paintComponent(g); }
DefaultAutoscrollHandler: DefaultAutoscrollHandler. How to use: class MyJComp extends JComponent implements Autoscroll { //implements Autoscroll public void autoscroll(Point location) { DefaultAutoscrollHandler.autoscroll(this, scrollInsets, location); } }
ScrollPaneNavigator: ScrollPaneNavigator. This component is placed at lower right corner of JScrollPane. After mouse press at this corner a small window is open which shows contents of JScrollPane. ScrollPaneNavigator hears to mouse motion events and accordingly changes the position of view.
HandlerFactory: HandlerFactory maintains list with registered handlers. For quick search every Handler supplies while registring array with classes which it can handle. The final decision by Handler search is made with help of Handler#canHandle() and Handler#isGeneric()
Resource: Resource. Anything can be embedded direct in Java class and read with proper ResourceReader. For example complete JPEG or GIF file can be embedded as into Resource. Pro - no more troubles with ClassLoader#getResource ClassLoader#getResourceAsStream.
RandomAccessFileWrapper: Wrap RandomAccessFile in RandomAccess Attention - this class is not buffered. That means if you make extensive use of writeInt, writeLong, writeChar, ..., then performance will be pretty poor. Use buffered classes instead (MutableRAFBufferManager).
ImagePanel: ImagePanel. Use ImagePanel to display images. Most advantage of ImagePanel is that it always has thin border around it visible part. This border can be made (half)transparent. It can be used for better handling such things like region selection.
RandomAccessFactory: Create RandomAccess/RandomAccess from various resources. Since all classes in uio and buffer packages was made public, RandomAccesFactory is no more indispensable and gives not all possibilities. However ist is very useful as example.
MScrollPane: MScrollPane. The only difference between JScrollPane and MScrollPane is: if view size is lesser then viewport size, then JScrollPane places view is at top left viewport corner, MScrollPane places view in the middle of viewport.
TLToolTipManager: ToolTipManager for both J T ree and J L ist. Usage: new TLToolTipManager(JTree) or new TLToolTipManager(JList); Note - there is no need to keep reference to TLToolTipManager objects.
TaskBar: TaskBar creates and shows for each registered component one JToggleButton. If registered component gains focus, then appropriate button becomes selected state. If button is pressed, then appropriate component becomes input focus.
DMNodeComparator: since this comparator knows nothing about userObjects in nodes, it makes only simple check for null values and (if needed) directory check. subclasses should call and if result is UNDEFINED make further comparison
PropertyChangeManager: PropertyChangeManager use intern javax.swing.PropertyChangeSupport Makes easy to support property changing (adding PropertyChangeListener/ firing PropertyChange events) in own classes
RandomAccessFileWrapperRO: wrap RandomAccessFile in RandomAccessRO Attention - this class is not buffered. That means if you make extensive use of readInt, readLong, readChar, ..., then performance will be pretty poor. Use buffered classes instead.
SelectionGroup: JComponent of the group can be selected (through simple Mouse Click or programmatically) JComponent can know if it selected or not through call getClientProperty("isSelected");
FloatingWindowManager: FloatinWindowManager creates and keeps up to date menu (for JMenuBar) and popup menu (for FloatingWindow's title bar) and helps also to manage properties of FloatingWindow.

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