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JpegFilterInputStream: remove all App blocks from jpeg file how to use: //read data from file and save filtered data to another file File fs = new File("source.jpg"); File fd = new File("dest.jpg"); JpegFilterInputStream.filter(fs, fd); or //filter data in byte array byte [] source = ... byte [] dest = JpegFilterInputStream.filter(source); or //filter data from InputStream InputStream in; OutputStream out; JpegFilterInputStream.filter(in, out); or //just wrap InputStream JpegFilterInputStream jfis = new JpegFilterInputStream(in);
MultiByteArrayOutputStream: It's like ByteArrayOutputStream, but with multiple arrays Array size is defined through sizeX ;
Base64: This class shows how simple and straightforward can be implementation of base 64 codec using BitInputStream and BitOutputStream
App13OutputStream: Utility to write data into App13 block(s). If data is longer as given App13 size then multiple App13 blocks are written.
BitInputStream: adds ability to read streams bitewise and also to read predefined amount of bits every read() call
RandomAccessOutputStream: Can be used as bridge between RandomAccessFile and OutputStream.
ByteArrayOutputStreamExt: extends ByteArrayOutputStream with posibility to drain off data into user specified buffer.
LEDataOutputStream: Little-endian writing.
LimitedInputStream: InputStream that reads specified number of bytes
RandomAccessInputStream: same as FilterInputStream but with RandomAccess
MSInputStream: MS = MultipleSource
ASCII85InputStream: This class represents an ASCII85 stream.
BitOutputStream: adds ability to write streams bitewise
App13InputStream: Read one or more App13 block(s)
TIFFStripInputStream: InputStream over all strips
RLE8InputStream: PackBits decoder
RLE4InputStream: PackBits decoder
PackBitsInputStream: PackBits decoder

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