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public class: HeaderFooter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    RtfHeaderFooters, RtfHeaderFooter, RtfHeaderFooter, RtfHeaderFooterGroup

A HeaderFooter-object is a Rectangle with text that can be put above and/or below every page.


HeaderFooter header = new HeaderFooter(new Phrase("This is a header."), false);
HeaderFooter footer = new HeaderFooter(new Phrase("This is page "), new Phrase("."));
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 public HeaderFooter(Phrase before,
    Phrase after) 
    Constructs a HeaderFooter-object.
    before - the Phrase before the pagenumber
    after - the Phrase before the pagenumber
 public HeaderFooter(Phrase before,
    boolean numbered) 
    Constructs a Header-object with a pagenumber at the end.
    before - the Phrase before the pagenumber
    numbered - true if the page has to be numbered
Method from com.lowagie.text.HeaderFooter Summary:
alignment,   getAfter,   getBefore,   isNumbered,   paragraph,   setAlignment,   setPageNumber
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cloneNonPositionParameters,   disableBorderSide,   enableBorderSide,   getBackgroundColor,   getBorder,   getBorderColor,   getBorderColorBottom,   getBorderColorLeft,   getBorderColorRight,   getBorderColorTop,   getBorderWidth,   getBorderWidthBottom,   getBorderWidthLeft,   getBorderWidthRight,   getBorderWidthTop,   getBottom,   getBottom,   getChunks,   getGrayFill,   getHeight,   getLeft,   getLeft,   getRight,   getRight,   getRotation,   getTop,   getTop,   getWidth,   hasBorder,   hasBorders,   isContent,   isNestable,   isUseVariableBorders,   normalize,   process,   rectangle,   rotate,   setBackgroundColor,   setBorder,   setBorderColor,   setBorderColorBottom,   setBorderColorLeft,   setBorderColorRight,   setBorderColorTop,   setBorderWidth,   setBorderWidthBottom,   setBorderWidthLeft,   setBorderWidthRight,   setBorderWidthTop,   setBottom,   setGrayFill,   setLeft,   setRight,   setTop,   setUseVariableBorders,   softCloneNonPositionParameters,   toString,   type
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Method from com.lowagie.text.HeaderFooter Detail:
 public int alignment() 
    Gets the alignment of this HeaderFooter.
 public Phrase getAfter() 
    Gets the part that comes after the pageNumber.
 public Phrase getBefore() 
    Gets the part that comes before the pageNumber.
 public boolean isNumbered() 
    Checks if the HeaderFooter contains a page number.
 public Paragraph paragraph() 
    Gets the Paragraph that can be used as header or footer.
 public  void setAlignment(int alignment) 
    Sets the alignment.
 public  void setPageNumber(int pageN) 
    Sets the page number.