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public class: Meta [javadoc | source]

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This is an Element that contains some meta information about the document.

An object of type Meta can not be constructed by the user. User defined meta information should be placed in a Header-object. Meta is reserved for: Subject, Keywords, Author, Title, Producer and Creationdate information.

 Meta(int type,
    String content) 
    Constructs a Meta.
    type - the type of meta-information
    content - the content
 public Meta(String tag,
    String content) 
    Constructs a Meta.
    tag - the tagname of the meta-information
    content - the content
Method from com.lowagie.text.Meta Summary:
append,   getChunks,   getContent,   getName,   getType,   isContent,   isNestable,   process,   type
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Method from com.lowagie.text.Meta Detail:
 public StringBuffer append(String string) 
    appends some text to this Meta.
 public ArrayList getChunks() 
    Gets all the chunks in this element.
 public String getContent() 
    Returns the content of the meta information.
 public String getName() 
    Returns the name of the meta information.
 public static int getType(String tag) 
    Returns the name of the meta information.
 public boolean isContent() 
 public boolean isNestable() 
 public boolean process(ElementListener listener) 
    Processes the element by adding it (or the different parts) to a ElementListener.
 public int type() 
    Gets the type of the text element.