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public class: Row [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A Row is part of a Table and contains some Cells.

All Rows are constructed by a Table-object. You don't have to construct any Row yourself. In fact you can't construct a Row outside the package.

Since a Cell can span several rows and/or columns a row can contain reserved space without any content.

Field Summary
public static final  int NULL    id of a null element in a Row 
public static final  int CELL    id of the Cell element in a Row 
public static final  int TABLE    id of the Table element in a Row 
protected  int columns    This is the number of columns in the Row
protected  int currentColumn    This is a valid position the Row
protected  boolean[] reserved    This is the array that keeps track of reserved cells. 
protected  Object[] cells    This is the array of Objects (Cell or Table). 
protected  int horizontalAlignment    This is the vertical alignment. 
 protected Row(int columns) 
Method from com.lowagie.text.Row Summary:
addElement,   addElement,   deleteColumn,   getCell,   getChunks,   getColumns,   getElementID,   getHorizontalAlignment,   getObjectID,   isContent,   isEmpty,   isNestable,   isReserved,   process,   reserve,   reserve,   setElement,   setHorizontalAlignment,   type
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from com.lowagie.text.Row Detail:
 int addElement(Object element) 
    Adds a Cell to the Row.
 int addElement(Object element,
    int column) 
    Adds an element to the Row at the position given.
  void deleteColumn(int column) 
    Returns a Row that is a copy of this Row in which a certain column has been deleted.
 public Object getCell(int column) 
    Gets a Cell or Table from a certain column.
 public ArrayList getChunks() 
    Gets all the chunks in this element.
 public int getColumns() 
    Gets the number of columns.
 int getElementID(int column) 
    Returns the type-id of the element in a Row.
 public int getHorizontalAlignment() 
    Gets the horizontal alignment.
 int getObjectID(Object element) 
    Returns the type-id of an Object.
 public boolean isContent() 
 public boolean isEmpty() 
    Checks if the row is empty.
 public boolean isNestable() 
 boolean isReserved(int column) 
    Returns true/false when this position in the Row has been reserved, either filled or through a colspan of an Element.
 public boolean process(ElementListener listener) 
    Processes the element by adding it (or the different parts) to a ElementListener.
 boolean reserve(int column) 
    Reserves a Cell in the Row.
 boolean reserve(int column,
    int size) 
    Reserves a Cell in the Row.
  void setElement(Object aElement,
    int column) 
    Puts Cell to the Row at the position given, doesn't reserve colspan.
 public  void setHorizontalAlignment(int value) 
    Sets the horizontal alignment.
 public int type() 
    Gets the type of the text element.