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Abstract Classes:

AbstractDecoratorMapper   Abstract DecoratorMapper implementation for easy creation of new DecoratorMappers.  code | html


AgentDecoratorMapper   The AgentDecoratorMapper can determine the user-agent (i.e.  code | html
ConfigDecoratorMapper   Default implementation of DecoratorMapper.  code | html
ConfigLoader   The ConfigLoader reads a configuration XML file that contains Decorator definitions (name, url, init-params) and path-mappings (pattern, name).  code | html
CookieDecoratorMapper   The CookieDecoratorMapper will map a suitable decorator based on a cookie value.  code | html
DefaultDecorator   Default implementation of Decorator.  code | html
EnvEntryDecoratorMapper   The EnvEntryDecoratorMapper allows the reference to a web-app environment entry for the decorator name, and falls back to ConfigDecoratorMapper's behavior if no matching environment entry is found.  code | html
FileDecoratorMapper   The FileDecoratorMapper will treat the name of the decorator as a file-name to use (in the context of the web-app).  code | html
FrameSetDecoratorMapper   The FrameSetDecoratorMapper will use the specified decorator when the Page is an instance of com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.HTMLPage and isFrameSet() returns true.  code | html
InlineDecoratorMapper   The InlineDecoratorMapper is used to determine the correct Decorator when using inline decorators.  code | html
LanguageDecoratorMapper   The LanguageDecoratorMapper can determine the preferred language set in the browser requesting a page, and map to a suitable Decorator (using the "Accept-Language" HTTP header).  code | html
NullDecoratorMapper   The NullDecoratorMapper represents the top-level DecoratorMapper that is finally delegated to if no other DecoratorMapper has intervened.  code | html
OSDecoratorMapper   The OSDecoratorMapper will map a suitable decorator based on the operating system of the remote client.  code | html
PageDecoratorMapper   The PageDecoratorMapper allows the actual Page to determine the Decorator to be used.  code | html
ParameterDecoratorMapper   The ParameterDecoratorMapper will map a suitable decorator based on request parameters.  code | html
PathMapper   The PathMapper is used to map file patterns to keys, and find an approriate key for a given file path.  code | html
PrintableDecoratorMapper   The PrintableDecoratorMapper is a sample DecoratorMapper that will check to see whether 'printable=true' is supplied as a request parameter and if so, use the specified decorator instead.  code | html
RobotDecoratorMapper   The RobotDecoratorMapper will use the specified decorator when the requester is identified as a robot (also known as spider, crawler, ferret) of a search engine.  code | html

Will look at a session attribute to find the name of an appropriate decorator to use. 

code | html

All Test Cases:

ConfigLoaderTest     code | html
PathMapperTest     code | html