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public class: StringElementHandler [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    FloatElementHandler, LongElementHandler, ShortElementHandler, DoubleElementHandler, BooleanElementHandler, ByteElementHandler, IntElementHandler, ClassElementHandler, CharElementHandler

This class is intended to handle <string> element. This element specifies String values. The result value is created from text of the body of this element. For example:
is equivalent to {@code "description"} in Java code. The value of inner element is calculated before adding to the string using String#valueOf(Object) . Note that all characters are used including whitespaces (' ', '\t', '\n', '\r'). So the value of the element
is not equal to the value of the element

The following atribute is supported:

the identifier of the variable that is intended to store the result
Method from com.sun.beans.decoder.StringElementHandler Summary:
addArgument,   addCharacter,   getValue,   getValueObject
Methods from com.sun.beans.decoder.ElementHandler:
addArgument,   addAttribute,   addCharacter,   endElement,   getContextBean,   getOwner,   getParent,   getValueObject,   getVariable,   isArgument,   setOwner,   setParent,   startElement
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Method from com.sun.beans.decoder.StringElementHandler Detail:
 protected final  void addArgument(Object argument) 
    Adds the string value of the argument to the string value of this element.
 public final  void addCharacter(char ch) 
    Adds the character that contained in this element.
 protected Object getValue(String argument) 
    Returns the text of the body of this element. This method evaluates value from text of the body, and should be overridden in those handlers that extend behavior of this element.
 protected final ValueObject getValueObject() 
    Returns the value of this element.