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Sub Packages:



Handler   Based on the magic and scid, return the appropriate ObjectKeyTemplate.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

GenericIdentifiable     code | html
IdentifiableFactoryFinderBase     code | html
NewObjectKeyTemplateBase     code | html
ObjectAdapterIdBase     code | html
ObjectKeyTemplateBase     code | html
ObjectReferenceProducerBase     code | html
OldObjectKeyTemplateBase     code | html


ByteBuffer     code | html
EncapsulationUtility   This static utility class contains various utility methods for reading and writing CDR encapsulations.  code | html
FreezableList   Simple class that delegates all List operations to another list.  code | html
GenericTaggedComponent     code | html
GenericTaggedProfile     code | html
IORImpl   An IOR is represented as a list of profiles.  code | html
IORTemplateImpl   This class is a container of TaggedProfileTemplates.  code | html
IORTemplateListImpl     code | html
JIDLObjectKeyTemplate     code | html
ObjectAdapterIdArray     code | html
ObjectAdapterIdNumber   ObjectAdapterIdNumber is used to represent pre-JDK 1.4 POA adapter IDs.  code | html
ObjectIdImpl     code | html
ObjectKeyFactoryImpl   Singleton used to manufacture ObjectKey and ObjectKeyTemplate instances.  code | html
ObjectKeyImpl     code | html
ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl   This is an implementation of the ObjectReferenceFactory abstract value type defined by the portable interceptors IDL.  code | html
ObjectReferenceTemplateImpl   This is an implementation of the ObjectReferenceTemplate abstract value type defined by the portable interceptors IDL.  code | html
OldJIDLObjectKeyTemplate   Handles object keys created by JDK ORBs from before JDK 1.4.0.  code | html
OldPOAObjectKeyTemplate     code | html
POAObjectKeyTemplate     code | html
StubIORImpl   This class implements a very simply IOR representation which must be completely ORBImpl free so that this class can be used in the implementation of a portable StubDelegateImpl.  code | html
TaggedComponentFactoryFinderImpl     code | html
TaggedProfileFactoryFinderImpl     code | html
TaggedProfileTemplateFactoryFinderImpl     code | html
WireObjectKeyTemplate     code | html