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public class: BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Class BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher handles the requests coming to the BootstrapServer. It implements Server so that it can be registered as a subcontract. It is passed a BootstrapServiceProperties object which contains the supported ids and their values for the bootstrap service. This Properties object is only read from, never written to, and is shared among all threads.

The BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher responds primarily to GIOP requests, but LocateRequests are also handled for graceful interoperability. The BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher handles one request at a time.
Field Summary
 ORBUtilSystemException wrapper     
 public BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher(ORB orb) 
Method from Summary:
dispatch,   getId,   locate
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Method from Detail:
 public  void dispatch(MessageMediator messageMediator) 
    Dispatch is called by the ORB and will serve get(key) and list() invocations on the initial object key.
 public int getId() 
    Not implemented
 public IOR locate(ObjectKey objectKey) 
    Locates the object mentioned in the locate requests, and returns object here iff the object is the initial object key. A SystemException thrown if the object key is not the initial object key.