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public class: RepositoryId [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
public static final  byte[] IDL_IDENTIFIER_CHARS     
public static final  int kInitialValueTag     
public static final  int kNoTypeInfo     
public static final  int kSingleRepTypeInfo     
public static final  int kPartialListTypeInfo     
public static final  int kChunkedMask     
public static final  int kPreComputed_StandardRMIUnchunked     
public static final  int kPreComputed_CodeBaseRMIUnchunked     
public static final  int kPreComputed_StandardRMIChunked     
public static final  int kPreComputed_CodeBaseRMIChunked     
public static final  int kPreComputed_StandardRMIUnchunked_NoRep     
public static final  int kPreComputed_CodeBaseRMIUnchunked_NoRep     
public static final  int kPreComputed_StandardRMIChunked_NoRep     
public static final  int kPreComputed_CodeBaseRMIChunked_NoRep     
public static final  String kWStringValueVersion     
public static final  String kWStringValueHash     
public static final  String kWStringStubValue     
public static final  String kWStringTypeStr     
public static final  String kWStringValueRepID     
public static final  String kAnyRepID     
public static final  String kClassDescValueHash     
public static final  String kClassDescStubValue     
public static final  String kClassDescTypeStr     
public static final  String kClassDescValueRepID     
public static final  String kObjectValueHash     
public static final  String kObjectStubValue     
public static final  String kSequenceValueHash     
public static final  String kPrimitiveSequenceValueHash     
public static final  String kSerializableValueHash     
public static final  String kSerializableStubValue     
public static final  String kExternalizableValueHash     
public static final  String kExternalizableStubValue     
public static final  String kRemoteValueHash     
public static final  String kRemoteStubValue     
public static final  String kRemoteTypeStr     
public static final  String kRemoteValueRepID     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialArrayTypeStrings     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialCasesRepIDs     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialCasesStubValues     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialCasesVersions     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialCasesClasses     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialCasesArrayPrefix     
public static final  Hashtable kSpecialPrimitives     
public static final  RepositoryIdCache cache     
public static final  String kjava_rmi_Remote     
public static final  String korg_omg_CORBA_Object     
public static final  Class[] kNoParamTypes     
public static final  Object[] kNoArgs     
 RepositoryId(String aRepId) 
Method from Summary:
computeValueTag,   convertToISOLatin1,   createForAnyType,   createForIDLType,   createForJavaType,   createForJavaType,   createForSpecialCase,   createForSpecialCase,   createSequenceRepID,   createSequenceRepID,   fromHex,   getActualSerialVersionUID,   getActualSerialVersionUIDAsLong,   getAnyClassFromType,   getByteArray,   getClassFromType,   getClassFromType,   getClassFromType,   getClassName,   getDefinedInId,   getRepositoryId,   getSerialVersionUID,   getSerialVersionUIDAsLong,   getServerURL,   getTypeInfo,   getTypeString,   getUnqualifiedName,   getVersionString,   init,   isAbstractBase,   isAnyRequired,   isChunkedEncoding,   isCodeBasePresent,   isIDLType,   isRMIValueType,   isSequence,   isSupportedFormat,   setByteArray,   toString,   useFullValueDescription
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from Detail:
 public static int computeValueTag(boolean codeBasePresent,
    int typeInfo,
    boolean chunkedEncoding) 
 public static String convertToISOLatin1(String name) 
    Convert strings with illegal IDL identifier characters.

    Section 5.5.7 of OBV spec.

 public static String createForAnyType(Class type) 
    Createa a repository ID for the type if it is either a java type or an IDL type.
 public static String createForIDLType(Class ser,
    int major,
    int minor) throws TypeMismatchException 
    Creates a repository ID for an IDL Java Type.
 public static String createForJavaType(Serializable ser) throws TypeMismatchException 
    Creates a repository ID for a normal Java Type.
 public static String createForJavaType(Class clz) throws TypeMismatchException 
    Creates a repository ID for a normal Java Type.
 public static String createForSpecialCase(Class clazz) 
 public static String createForSpecialCase(Serializable ser) 
 public static String createSequenceRepID(Object ser) 
    Creates a repository ID for a sequence. This is for expert users only as this method assumes the object passed is an array. If passed an object that is not an array, it will produce a rep id for a sequence of zero length. This would be an error.
 public static String createSequenceRepID(Class clazz) 
    Creates a repository ID for a sequence. This is for expert users only as this method assumes the object passed is an array. If passed an object that is not an array, it will produce a malformed rep id.
 public static long fromHex(String hexNumber) 
 public final String getActualSerialVersionUID() 
 public final long getActualSerialVersionUIDAsLong() 
 public final Class getAnyClassFromType() throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public static byte[] getByteArray(String repStr) 
 public final Class getClassFromType() throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public final Class getClassFromType(String url) throws ClassNotFoundException, MalformedURLException 
 public final Class getClassFromType(Class expectedType,
    String codebase) throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public final String getClassName() 
 public final String getDefinedInId() 
 public final String getRepositoryId() 
 public final String getSerialVersionUID() 
 public final long getSerialVersionUIDAsLong() 
 public static String getServerURL() 
 public static int getTypeInfo(int value_tag) 
 public final String getTypeString() 
 public final String getUnqualifiedName() 
 public final String getVersionString() 
 RepositoryId init(String aRepId) 
 public static boolean isAbstractBase(Class clazz) 
 public static boolean isAnyRequired(Class clazz) 
 public static boolean isChunkedEncoding(int value_tag) 
 public static boolean isCodeBasePresent(int value_tag) 
 public final boolean isIDLType() 
 public final boolean isRMIValueType() 
 public final boolean isSequence() 
 public final boolean isSupportedFormat() 
 public static  void setByteArray(String repStr,
    byte[] repStrBytes) 
 public final String toString() 
 public static boolean useFullValueDescription(Class clazz,
    String repositoryID) throws IOException 
    Checks to see if the FullValueDescription should be retrieved.