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public final class: Utility [javadoc | source]
Handy class full of static functions.
Field Summary
public static final  String STUB_PREFIX     
public static final  String RMI_STUB_SUFFIX     
public static final  String DYNAMIC_STUB_SUFFIX     
public static final  String IDL_STUB_SUFFIX     
public static final  String TIE_SUFIX     
Method from Summary:
autoConnect,   clearCaches,   dynamicStubName,   getAndForgetTie,   getFactory,   getHelper,   hexOf,   idlStubName,   loadClassForClass,   loadClassOfType,   loadStub,   loadStub,   loadStubClass,   loadTie,   printStackTrace,   purgeStubForTie,   purgeTieAndServant,   readAbstractAndNarrow,   readObjectAndNarrow,   stubName,   stubNameForCompiler,   stubNameFromRepID,   throwNotSerializableForCorba,   tieName,   tieNameForCompiler
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from Detail:
 public static Object autoConnect(Object obj,
    ORB orb,
    boolean convertToStub) 
    Ensure that stubs, ties, and implementation objects are 'connected' to the runtime. Converts implementation objects to a type suitable for sending on the wire.
 public static  void clearCaches() 
 public static String dynamicStubName(String className) 
 public static Tie getAndForgetTie(Object stub) 
 public static ValueFactory getFactory(Class clazz,
    String codebase,
    ORB orb,
    String repId) 
    Get the factory for an IDLValue Throws MARSHAL exception if no factory found.
 public static BoxedValueHelper getHelper(Class clazz,
    String codebase,
    String repId) 
    Get the helper for an IDLValue Throws MARSHAL exception if no helper found.
 static int hexOf(char x) 
    Converts an Ascii Character into Hexadecimal digit
 public static String idlStubName(String className) 
    Create an IDL stub name.
 public static Class loadClassForClass(String className,
    String remoteCodebase,
    ClassLoader loader,
    Class relatedType,
    ClassLoader relatedTypeClassLoader) throws ClassNotFoundException 
 static Class loadClassOfType(String className,
    String remoteCodebase,
    ClassLoader loader,
    Class expectedType,
    ClassLoader expectedTypeClassLoader) throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public static Remote loadStub(Object narrowFrom,
    Class narrowTo) 
 public static Remote loadStub(Tie tie,
    StubFactory stubFactory,
    String remoteCodebase,
    boolean onlyMostDerived) 
 public static Class loadStubClass(String repID,
    String remoteCodebase,
    Class expectedType) throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public static Tie loadTie(Remote obj) 
 public static  void printStackTrace() 
 public static  void purgeStubForTie(Tie tie) 
 public static  void purgeTieAndServant(Tie tie) 
 public static Object readAbstractAndNarrow(InputStream in,
    Class narrowTo) throws ClassCastException 
    Read an abstract interface type from the input stream and narrow it to the desired type.
 public static Object readObjectAndNarrow(InputStream in,
    Class narrowTo) throws ClassCastException 
    Read an object reference from the input stream and narrow it to the desired type.
 public static String stubName(String className) 
    Create an RMI stub name.
 public static String stubNameForCompiler(String className) 
 public static String stubNameFromRepID(String repID) 
 public static  void throwNotSerializableForCorba(String className) 
    Throws the CORBA equivalent of a
 public static String tieName(String className) 
    Create an RMI tie name.
 public static String tieNameForCompiler(String className)