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public interface: IIOPProfile [javadoc | source]

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IIOPProfile represents an IIOP tagged profile. It is essentially composed of an object identifier and a template. The template contains all of the IIOP specific information in the profile. Templates are frequently shared between many different profiles, while the object identifiy is unique to each profile.
Method from Summary:
getCodebase,   getGIOPVersion,   getORBVersion,   getServant
Method from Detail:
 public String getCodebase()
    Return the Codebase of this profile. Caches the result.
 public GIOPVersion getGIOPVersion()
    Return the GIOPVersion of this profile. Caches the result.
 public ORBVersion getORBVersion()
 public Object getServant()
    Return the servant for this profile, if it is local AND if the OA that implements this objref supports direct access to servants outside of an invocation. XXX move this to the ObjectKeyTemplate