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DataCollector   Interface for collecting all sources of ORB configuration properties into a single properties object.  code | html
ORBConfigurator   Interface used to configure an ORB instance.  code | html
ORBData     code | html
ORBVersion     code | html
Operation   A generic class representing a function that takes a value and returns a value.  code | html
ParserData     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ORB     code | html
OperationFactory   This is a static factory class for commonly used operations for property parsing.  code | html
OperationFactory.OperationBase     code | html
ParserImplBase     code | html
ParserImplTableBase     code | html


ORBVersionFactory     code | html
OperationFactory.BooleanAction     code | html
OperationFactory.ClassAction     code | html
OperationFactory.ComposeAction     code | html
OperationFactory.ConvertIntegerToShort     code | html
OperationFactory.IdentityAction     code | html
OperationFactory.IndexAction     code | html
OperationFactory.IntegerAction     code | html
OperationFactory.IntegerRangeAction     code | html
OperationFactory.ListAction     code | html
OperationFactory.MapAction     code | html
OperationFactory.MapSequenceAction     code | html
OperationFactory.MaskErrorAction     code | html
OperationFactory.SequenceAction     code | html
OperationFactory.SetFlagAction     code | html
OperationFactory.StringAction     code | html
OperationFactory.SuffixAction     code | html
OperationFactory.URLAction     code | html
OperationFactory.ValueAction     code | html
ParserDataFactory     code | html
ParserImplTableBase.FieldMap     code | html
ParserImplTableBase.MapEntry     code | html
PropertyParser     code | html
StringPair     code | html