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DynamicMethodMarshaller   Used to read and write arguments and results for a particular method.  code | html
DynamicStub   Interface used to support dynamically generated stubs.  code | html
IDLNameTranslator   Translates between methods on an interface and RMI-IIOP encodings of those methods as names.  code | html
PresentationManager   Provides access to RMI-IIOP stubs and ties.  code | html
PresentationManager.ClassData     code | html
PresentationManager.StubFactory   Creates the actual stub needed for RMI-IIOP remote references.  code | html
PresentationManager.StubFactoryFactory   Creates StubFactory and Tie instances.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

PresentationDefaults     code | html
StubAdapter   Provide access to stub delegate and type id information independent of the stub type.  code | html


StubWrapper   Wrapper that can take any stub (object x such that StubAdapter.isStub(x)) and treat it as a DynamicStub.  code | html