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ClientDelegateFactory   Interface used to create a ClientDelegate from a ContactInfoList.  code | html
CorbaMessageMediator     code | html
CorbaProtocolHandler     code | html
CorbaServerRequestDispatcher   Server delegate adds behavior on the server-side -- specifically on the dispatch path.  code | html
InitialServerRequestDispatcher   InitialServerRequestDispatcher is a specialized version of a ServerRequestDispatcher that provides an initialization method.  code | html
LocalClientRequestDispatcher     code | html
LocalClientRequestDispatcherFactory     code | html
PIHandler   This interface defines the PI interface that is used to interface the rest of the ORB to the PI implementation.  code | html
RequestDispatcherRegistry   This is a registry of all subcontract ID dependent objects.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

CorbaClientDelegate     code | html


RetryType     code | html
ForwardException   Thrown to signal an OBJECT_FORWARD or LOCATION_FORWARD  code | html
RequestDispatcherDefault     code | html