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CorbaAcceptor     code | html
CorbaConnection     code | html
CorbaConnectionCache     code | html
CorbaContactInfo     code | html
CorbaContactInfoList     code | html
CorbaContactInfoListFactory   Interface used to create a ContactInfoList from an IOR, as required for supporting CORBA semantics using the DCS framework.  code | html
CorbaContactInfoListIterator     code | html
CorbaResponseWaitingRoom     code | html
CorbaTransportManager     code | html
IIOPPrimaryToContactInfo   This interface is the "sticky manager" for IIOP failover.  code | html
IORToSocketInfo     code | html
IORTransformer   Interface that provides operations to transorm an IOR between its programmatic representation and a representation in an Input or Output object.  code | html
ORBSocketFactory     code | html
ReadTimeouts     code | html
ReadTimeoutsFactory     code | html
SocketInfo     code | html
SocketOrChannelAcceptor     code | html

Abstract Classes:

TransportDefault   This class provices standard building blocks for the ORB, as do all Default classes in the various packages.  code | html