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public final class: BlowfishKeyGenerator [javadoc | source]
This class generates a secret key for use with the Blowfish algorithm.
 public BlowfishKeyGenerator() 
Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.BlowfishKeyGenerator Summary:
engineGenerateKey,   engineInit,   engineInit,   engineInit
Methods from javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi:
engineGenerateKey,   engineInit,   engineInit,   engineInit
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Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.BlowfishKeyGenerator Detail:
 protected SecretKey engineGenerateKey() 
    Generates a Blowfish key.
 protected  void engineInit(SecureRandom random) 
    Initializes this key generator.
 protected  void engineInit(AlgorithmParameterSpec params,
    SecureRandom random) throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException 
    Initializes this key generator with the specified parameter set and a user-provided source of randomness.
 protected  void engineInit(int keysize,
    SecureRandom random) 
    Initializes this key generator for a certain keysize, using the given source of randomness.