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public final class: DHParameterGenerator [javadoc | source]
Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.DHParameterGenerator Summary:
engineGenerateParameters,   engineInit,   engineInit
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engineGenerateParameters,   engineInit,   engineInit
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Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.DHParameterGenerator Detail:
 protected AlgorithmParameters engineGenerateParameters() 
    Generates the parameters.
 protected  void engineInit(int keysize,
    SecureRandom random) 
    Initializes this parameter generator for a certain keysize and source of randomness. The keysize is specified as the size in bits of the prime modulus.
 protected  void engineInit(AlgorithmParameterSpec genParamSpec,
    SecureRandom random) throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException 
    Initializes this parameter generator with a set of parameter generation values, which specify the size of the prime modulus and the size of the random exponent, both in bits.