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final class: KeyGeneratorCore [javadoc | source]
KeyGeneratore core implementation and individual key generator implementations. Because of US export regulations, we cannot use subclassing to achieve code sharing between the key generator implementations for our various algorithms. Instead, we have the core implementation in this KeyGeneratorCore class, which is used by the individual implementations. See those further down in this file.
Nested Class Summary:
public static final class  KeyGeneratorCore.HmacSHA256KG   
public static final class  KeyGeneratorCore.HmacSHA384KG   
public static final class  KeyGeneratorCore.HmacSHA512KG   
public static final class  KeyGeneratorCore.RC2KeyGenerator   
public static final class  KeyGeneratorCore.ARCFOURKeyGenerator   
 KeyGeneratorCore(String name,
    int defaultKeySize) 
    Construct a new KeyGeneratorCore object with the specified name and defaultKeySize. Initialize to default key size in case the application does not call any of the init() methods.
Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.KeyGeneratorCore Summary:
implGenerateKey,   implInit,   implInit,   implInit
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Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.KeyGeneratorCore Detail:
 SecretKey implGenerateKey() 
  void implInit(SecureRandom random) 
  void implInit(AlgorithmParameterSpec params,
    SecureRandom random) throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException 
  void implInit(int keysize,
    SecureRandom random)