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public final class: PBKDF2HmacSHA1Factory [javadoc | source]
This class implements a key factory for PBE keys derived using PBKDF2 with HmacSHA1 psuedo random function(PRF) as defined in PKCS#5 v2.0.
 public PBKDF2HmacSHA1Factory() 
Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.PBKDF2HmacSHA1Factory Summary:
engineGenerateSecret,   engineGetKeySpec,   engineTranslateKey
Methods from javax.crypto.SecretKeyFactorySpi:
engineGenerateSecret,   engineGetKeySpec,   engineTranslateKey
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Method from com.sun.crypto.provider.PBKDF2HmacSHA1Factory Detail:
 protected SecretKey engineGenerateSecret(KeySpec keySpec) throws InvalidKeySpecException 
    Generates a SecretKey object from the provided key specification (key material).
 protected KeySpec engineGetKeySpec(SecretKey key,
    Class keySpecCl) throws InvalidKeySpecException 
    Returns a specification (key material) of the given key in the requested format.
 protected SecretKey engineTranslateKey(SecretKey key) throws InvalidKeyException 
    Translates a SecretKey object, whose provider may be unknown or potentially untrusted, into a corresponding SecretKey object of this key factory.