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BitFile     code | html
BogusColorSpace   A dummy ColorSpace to enable ColorModel for image data which do not have an innate color representation.  code | html
I18N     code | html
I18NImpl   Class to simplify use of internationalization message strings.  code | html
ImageUtil     code | html
InputStreamAdapter     code | html
LZWCompressor     code | html
LZWStringTable   General purpose LZW String Table.  code | html
PaletteBuilder   This class implements the octree quantization method as it is described in the "Graphics Gems" (ISBN 0-12-286166-3, Chapter 4, pages 297-293)  code | html
PaletteBuilder.ColorNode   The node of color tree.  code | html
ReaderUtil   This class contains utility methods that may be useful to ImageReader plugins.  code | html
StandardMetadataFormat     code | html
StandardMetadataFormatResources     code | html
SubImageInputStream     code | html