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public class: JPEGImageReader [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
protected static final  int WARNING_NO_EOI    Warning code to be passed to warningOccurred to indicate that the EOI marker is missing from the end of the stream. This usually signals that the stream is corrupted, but everything up to the last MCU should be usable. 
protected static final  int WARNING_NO_JFIF_IN_THUMB    Warning code to be passed to warningOccurred to indicate that a JFIF segment was encountered inside a JFXX JPEG thumbnail and is being ignored. 
protected static final  int WARNING_IGNORE_INVALID_ICC    Warning code to be passed to warningOccurred to indicate that embedded ICC profile is invalid and will be ignored. 
Fields inherited from javax.imageio.ImageReader:
originatingProvider,  input,  seekForwardOnly,  ignoreMetadata,  minIndex,  availableLocales,  locale,  warningListeners,  warningLocales,  progressListeners,  updateListeners
 public JPEGImageReader(ImageReaderSpi originator) 
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abort,   canReadRaster,   dispose,   getDefaultReadParam,   getHeight,   getImageMetadata,   getImageTypes,   getNumImages,   getNumThumbnails,   getRawImageType,   getStreamMetadata,   getThumbnailHeight,   getThumbnailWidth,   getWidth,   read,   readRaster,   readThumbnail,   readerSupportsThumbnails,   reset,   setInput,   thumbnailComplete,   thumbnailProgress,   thumbnailStarted,   warningOccurred,   warningWithMessage
Methods from javax.imageio.ImageReader:
abort,   abortRequested,   addIIOReadProgressListener,   addIIOReadUpdateListener,   addIIOReadWarningListener,   addToList,   canReadRaster,   checkReadParamBandSettings,   clearAbortRequest,   computeRegions,   dispose,   getAspectRatio,   getAvailableLocales,   getDefaultReadParam,   getDestination,   getFormatName,   getHeight,   getImageMetadata,   getImageMetadata,   getImageTypes,   getInput,   getLocale,   getMinIndex,   getNumImages,   getNumThumbnails,   getOriginatingProvider,   getRawImageType,   getSourceRegion,   getStreamMetadata,   getStreamMetadata,   getThumbnailHeight,   getThumbnailWidth,   getTileGridXOffset,   getTileGridYOffset,   getTileHeight,   getTileWidth,   getWidth,   hasThumbnails,   isIgnoringMetadata,   isImageTiled,   isRandomAccessEasy,   isSeekForwardOnly,   processImageComplete,   processImageProgress,   processImageStarted,   processImageUpdate,   processPassComplete,   processPassStarted,   processReadAborted,   processSequenceComplete,   processSequenceStarted,   processThumbnailComplete,   processThumbnailPassComplete,   processThumbnailPassStarted,   processThumbnailProgress,   processThumbnailStarted,   processThumbnailUpdate,   processWarningOccurred,   processWarningOccurred,   read,   read,   readAll,   readAll,   readAsRenderedImage,   readRaster,   readThumbnail,   readTile,   readTileRaster,   readerSupportsThumbnails,   removeAllIIOReadProgressListeners,   removeAllIIOReadUpdateListeners,   removeAllIIOReadWarningListeners,   removeFromList,   removeIIOReadProgressListener,   removeIIOReadUpdateListener,   removeIIOReadWarningListener,   reset,   setInput,   setInput,   setInput,   setLocale
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Method from com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg.JPEGImageReader Detail:
 public  void abort() 
 public boolean canReadRaster() 
 public  void dispose() 
 public ImageReadParam getDefaultReadParam() 
 public int getHeight(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public IIOMetadata getImageMetadata(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public Iterator getImageTypes(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public int getNumImages(boolean allowSearch) throws IOException 
 public int getNumThumbnails(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public ImageTypeSpecifier getRawImageType(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public IIOMetadata getStreamMetadata() throws IOException 
 public int getThumbnailHeight(int imageIndex,
    int thumbnailIndex) throws IOException 
 public int getThumbnailWidth(int imageIndex,
    int thumbnailIndex) throws IOException 
 public int getWidth(int imageIndex) throws IOException 
 public BufferedImage read(int imageIndex,
    ImageReadParam param) throws IOException 
 public Raster readRaster(int imageIndex,
    ImageReadParam param) throws IOException 
 public BufferedImage readThumbnail(int imageIndex,
    int thumbnailIndex) throws IOException 
 public boolean readerSupportsThumbnails() 
 public  void reset() 
 public  void setInput(Object input,
    boolean seekForwardOnly,
    boolean ignoreMetadata) 
  void thumbnailComplete() 
  void thumbnailProgress(float percentageDone) 
  void thumbnailStarted(int thumbnailIndex) 
 protected  void warningOccurred(int code) 
    Called by the native code or other classes to signal a warning. The code is used to lookup a localized message to be used when sending warnings to listeners.
 protected  void warningWithMessage(String msg) 
    The library has it's own error facility that emits warning messages. This routine is called by the native code when it has already formatted a string for output. XXX For truly complete localization of all warning messages, the sun_jpeg_output_message routine in the native code should send only the codes and parameters to a method here in Java, which will then format and send the warnings, using localized strings. This method will have to deal with all the parameters and formats (%u with possibly large numbers, %02d, %02x, etc.) that actually occur in the JPEG library. For now, this prevents library warnings from being printed to stderr.