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public class: DesktopProperty [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    WindowsFontSizeProperty, WindowsFontProperty, FontDesktopProperty, TriggerDesktopProperty

Wrapper for a value from the desktop. The value is lazily looked up, and can be accessed using the UIManager.ActiveValue method createValue. If the underlying desktop property changes this will force the UIs to update all known Frames. You can invoke invalidate to force the value to be fetched again.
 public DesktopProperty(String key,
    Object fallback) 
    Creates a DesktopProperty.
    key - Key used in looking up desktop value.
    fallback - Value used if desktop property is null.
Method from com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.DesktopProperty Summary:
configureValue,   createValue,   flushUnreferencedProperties,   getDefaultValue,   getKey,   getValueFromDesktop,   invalidate,   invalidate,   updateUI
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Method from com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.DesktopProperty Detail:
 protected Object configureValue(Object value) 
    Configures the value as appropriate for a defaults property in the UIDefaults table.
 public Object createValue(UIDefaults table) 
    UIManager.LazyValue method, returns the value from the desktop or the fallback value if the desktop value is null.
 static  void flushUnreferencedProperties() 
    Cleans up any lingering state held by unrefeernced DesktopProperties.
 protected Object getDefaultValue() 
    Returns the value to use if the desktop property is null.
 protected String getKey() 
    Returns the key used to lookup the desktop properties value.
 protected Object getValueFromDesktop() 
    Returns the value from the desktop.
 public  void invalidate() 
    Invalides the current value so that the next invocation of createValue will ask for the property again.
 public  void invalidate(LookAndFeel laf) 
    Invalidates the current value.
 protected  void updateUI() 
    Requests that all components in the GUI hierarchy be updated to reflect dynamic changes in this look&feel. This update occurs by uninstalling and re-installing the UI objects. Requests are batched and collapsed into a single update pass because often many desktop properties will change at once.