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public interface: AttachingConnector [javadoc | source]

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    SAPIDAttachingConnector, SocketAttachingConnector, SADebugServerAttachingConnector, GenericAttachingConnector, SACoreAttachingConnector, SharedMemoryAttachingConnector, ProcessAttachingConnector

A connector which attaches to a previously running target VM.
Method from com.sun.jdi.connect.AttachingConnector Summary:
Method from com.sun.jdi.connect.AttachingConnector Detail:
 public VirtualMachine attach(Map<String, Argument> arguments) throws IOException, IllegalConnectorArgumentsException
    Attaches to a running application and and returns a mirror of its VM.

    The connector uses the given argument map in attaching the application. These arguments will include addressing information that identifies the VM. The argument map associates argument name strings to instances of Connector.Argument . The default argument map for a connector can be obtained through Connector#defaultArguments . Argument map values can be changed, but map entries should not be added or deleted.