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public interface: ListeningConnector [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    SharedMemoryListeningConnector, SocketListeningConnector, GenericListeningConnector

A connector which listens for a connection initiated by a target VM.
Method from com.sun.jdi.connect.ListeningConnector Summary:
accept,   startListening,   stopListening,   supportsMultipleConnections
Method from com.sun.jdi.connect.ListeningConnector Detail:
 public VirtualMachine accept(Map<String, Argument> arguments) throws IOException, IllegalConnectorArgumentsException
    Waits for a target VM to attach to this connector.
 public String startListening(Map<String, Argument> arguments) throws IOException, IllegalConnectorArgumentsException
    Listens for one or more connections initiated by target VMs. The connector uses the given argument map in determining the address at which to listen or else it generates an appropriate listen address. In either case, an address string is returned from this method which can be used in starting target VMs to identify this connector. The format of the address string is connector, transport, and, possibly, platform dependent.

    The argument map associates argument name strings to instances of Connector.Argument . The default argument map for a connector can be obtained through Connector#defaultArguments . Argument map values can be changed, but map entries should not be added or deleted.

    This method does not return a VirtualMachine , and, normally, returns before any target VM initiates a connection. The connected target is obtained through #accept (using the same argument map as is passed to this method).

    If arguments contains addressing information. and only one conection will be accepted, the accept method can be called immediately without calling this method.

 public  void stopListening(Map<String, Argument> arguments) throws IOException, IllegalConnectorArgumentsException
    Cancels listening for connections. The given argument map should match the argument map given for a previous #startListening invocation.
 public boolean supportsMultipleConnections()
    Indicates whether this listening connector supports multiple connections for a single argument map. If so, a call to #startListening may allow multiple target VM to become connected.