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public interface: BreakpointRequest [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventRequest, Locatable

All Known Implementing Classes:

Identifies a Location in the target VM at which execution should be stopped. When an enabled BreakpointRequest is satisfied, an event set containing an BreakpointEvent will be placed on the EventQueue and the application is interrupted. The collection of existing breakpoints is managed by the EventRequestManager
Method from com.sun.jdi.request.BreakpointRequest Summary:
addInstanceFilter,   addThreadFilter,   location
Method from com.sun.jdi.request.BreakpointRequest Detail:
 public  void addInstanceFilter(ObjectReference instance)
    Restricts the events generated by this request to those in which the currently executing instance is the object specified.

    Not all targets support this operation. Use VirtualMachine#canUseInstanceFilters() to determine if the operation is supported.

 public  void addThreadFilter(ThreadReference thread)
    Restricts the events generated by this request to those in the given thread.
 public Location location()
    Returns the location of the requested breakpoint.