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IIOPProxy   An interface to a subset of the RMI-IIOP and CORBA APIs to avoid a static dependencies on the types defined by these APIs.  code | html
NotificationBuffer   A buffer of notifications received from an MBean server.  code | html
NotificationBufferFilter     code | html

Unpublished interface controlling how the RMI Connector Server exports objects. 

code | html
Unmarshal     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ClientCommunicatorAdmin     code | html
ClientNotifForwarder     code | html
ServerCommunicatorAdmin     code | html


ArrayNotificationBuffer   A circular buffer of notifications received from an MBean server.  code | html
ArrayNotificationBuffer.BroadcasterQuery     code | html
ArrayNotificationBuffer.BufferListener     code | html
ArrayNotificationBuffer.NamedNotification     code | html
ArrayNotificationBuffer.ShareBuffer     code | html
ArrayQueue     code | html
ClientCommunicatorAdmin.Checker     code | html

An identified listener. 

code | html
ClientNotifForwarder.LinearExecutor     code | html
ClientNotifForwarder.NotifFetcher     code | html
IIOPHelper   A helper class for RMI-IIOP and CORBA APIs.  code | html
ProxyInputStream     code | html
ProxyRef     code | html
ServerCommunicatorAdmin.Timeout     code | html
ServerNotifForwarder     code | html
ServerNotifForwarder.IdAndFilter     code | html