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AttrFilter   Is implemented by classes that can perform filter checks on an attribute set.  code | html
SearchFilter.StringFilter     code | html


ContainmentFilter   Supports checking an attribute set satisfies a filter that is specified as a set of "matching" attributes.  code | html
ContextEnumerator   A class for recursively enumerating the contents of a Context;  code | html
DirSearch   A class for searching DirContexts  code | html
HierMemDirCtx   A sample service provider that implements a hierarchical directory in memory.  code | html
HierMemDirCtx.FlatBindings     code | html
HierMemDirCtx.FlatNames     code | html
HierMemDirCtx.HierContextEnumerator     code | html
HierarchicalName     code | html
HierarchicalNameParser     code | html
LazySearchEnumerationImpl   Given an enumeration of candidates, check whether each item in enumeration satifies the given filter.  code | html
SearchFilter   A class for parsing LDAP search filters (defined in RFC 1960, 2254)  code | html
SearchFilter.AtomicFilter   A class for dealing wtih atomic filters  code | html
SearchFilter.CompoundFilter   A class for dealing with compound filters ("and" & "or" filters).  code | html
SearchFilter.NotFilter   A class for dealing with NOT filters  code | html