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abstract protected class: AbstractMidiDevice.AbstractReceiver [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Base class for Receivers. Subclasses that use Receivers must use this base class, since it contains magic necessary to manage implicit closing the device. This is necessary for Receivers retrieved via MidiSystem.getReceiver() (which opens the device implicitely).
Method from$AbstractReceiver Summary:
close,   getMidiDevice,   implSend,   isOpen,   send
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Method from$AbstractReceiver Detail:
 public  void close() 
    Close the Receiver. Here, the call to the magic method closeInternal() takes place. Therefore, subclasses that override this method must call 'super.close()'.
 public MidiDevice getMidiDevice() 
 abstract protected  void implSend(MidiMessage message,
    long timeStamp)
 protected boolean isOpen() 
 public synchronized  void send(MidiMessage message,
    long timeStamp) 
    Deliver a MidiMessage. This method contains magic related to the closed state of a Receiver. Therefore, subclasses should not override this method. Instead, they should implement implSend().