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class: AbstractMidiDevice.TransmitterList [javadoc | source]
a class to manage a list of transmitters
Method from$TransmitterList Summary:
close,   sendMessage,   sendMessage,   sendMessage
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Method from$TransmitterList Detail:
  void close() 
    closes all transmitters and empties the list
  void sendMessage(int packedMessage,
    long timeStamp) 
    Send this message to all receivers status = packedMessage & 0xFF data1 = (packedMessage & 0xFF00) >> 8; data1 = (packedMessage & 0xFF0000) >> 16;
  void sendMessage(byte[] data,
    long timeStamp) 
  void sendMessage(MidiMessage message,
    long timeStamp) 
    Send this message to all transmitters