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public class: AudioSynthesizerPropertyInfo [javadoc | source]
Information about property used in opening AudioSynthesizer.
Field Summary
public  String name    The name of the property. 
public  String description    A brief description of the property, which may be null. 
public  Object value    The value field specifies the current value of the property. 
public  Class valueClass    The valueClass field specifies class used in value field. 
public  Object[] choices    An array of possible values if the value for the field AudioSynthesizerPropertyInfo.value may be selected from a particular set of values; otherwise null. 
 public AudioSynthesizerPropertyInfo(String name,
    Object value) 
    Constructs a AudioSynthesizerPropertyInfo object with a given name and value. The description and choices are intialized by null values.
    name - the name of the property
    value - the current value or class used for values.
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