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public class: DLSInfo [javadoc | source]
This class is used to store information to describe soundbanks, instruments and samples. It is stored inside a "INFO" List Chunk inside DLS files.
Field Summary
public  String name    (INAM) Title or subject. 
public  String creationDate    (ICRD) Date of creation, the format is: YYYY-MM-DD. For example 2007-01-01 for 1. january of year 2007. 
public  String engineers    (IENG) Name of engineer who created the object. 
public  String product    (IPRD) Name of the product which the object is intended for. 
public  String copyright    (ICOP) Copyright information. 
public  String comments    (ICMT) General comments. Doesn't contain newline characters. 
public  String tools    (ISFT) Name of software package used to create the file. 
public  String archival_location    (IARL) Where content is archived. 
public  String artist    (IART) Artists of original content. 
public  String commissioned    (ICMS) Names of persons or orginizations who commissioned the file. 
public  String genre    (IGNR) Genre of the work. Example: jazz, classical, rock, etc. 
public  String keywords    (IKEY) List of keyword that describe the content. Examples: FX, bird, piano, etc. 
public  String medium    (IMED) Describes original medium of the data. For example: record, CD, etc. 
public  String subject    (ISBJ) Description of the content. 
public  String source    (ISRC) Name of person or orginization who supplied orginal material for the file. 
public  String source_form    (ISRF) Source media for sample data is from. For example: CD, TV, etc. 
public  String technician    (ITCH) Technician who sample the file/object. 
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