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public class: DLSInstrument [javadoc | source]
This class is used to store information to describe instrument. It contains list of regions and modulators. It is stored inside a "ins " List Chunk inside DLS files. In the DLS documentation a modulator is called articulator.
Field Summary
protected  int preset     
protected  int bank     
protected  boolean druminstrument     
protected  byte[] guid     
protected  DLSInfo info     
protected  List<DLSRegion> regions     
protected  List<DLSModulator> modulators     
 public DLSInstrument() 
 public DLSInstrument(DLSSoundbank soundbank) 
Method from Summary:
getData,   getGuid,   getInfo,   getModulators,   getName,   getPatch,   getPerformers,   getRegions,   setGuid,   setName,   setPatch,   toString
Methods from
getChannelMixer,   getChannels,   getDirector,   getKeys,   getPatchAlias,   getPerformers
Methods from javax.sound.midi.Instrument:
Methods from javax.sound.midi.SoundbankResource:
getData,   getDataClass,   getName,   getSoundbank
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Method from Detail:
 public Object getData() 
 public byte[] getGuid() 
 public DLSInfo getInfo() 
 public List<DLSModulator> getModulators() 
 public String getName() 
 public ModelPatch getPatch() 
 public ModelPerformer[] getPerformers() 
 public List<DLSRegion> getRegions() 
 public  void setGuid(byte[] guid) 
 public  void setName(String name) 
 public  void setPatch(Patch patch) 
 public String toString()